When Should I Change My Wiper Blades?

Most of the time the answer is NOW because you are driving in a heavy rain storm and realize that they aren't doing their job. The next day is sunny and the wipers are forgotten about again until the next storm. Wiper blades and inserts are a maintenance item that should be checked and or changed periodically. Most manufacturers recommend at least once a year.

Wipers should be checked monthly and cleaning with a damp cloth will extend the life.

When checking your blades:
Inspect inserts for deformed contact areas. Blades left in the park position will roll the rubber causing adequate coverage one direction, but not the other.
Check for the rubber hardening due to heat causing chattering while in use.
Check for separation or tearing.
If you notice improper clearing at higher speeds, you may have a weak wiper arm spring.
Remember quality wipers like original Subaru blades and refills not only last longer but also operate smoother and quieter.

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