Keep this in mind next time you make a pit stop at a fast-food drive-through - the steering wheel of your car harbors nine times more germs than a public toilet seat. 

Research has found that while 80 bacteria lurk on each square inch of toilet, around 700 harmful bugs inhabit the car's interior. 

Germs collect on door handles, buttons, controls, seats, carpet and even the air inside your car. 

Tips on How to Clean Your Car for Germ Protection

Brush & Vacuum – Food crumbs and other visible particles often promote bacterial growth. You can remove these particles with thorough brushing and vacuuming. About once a month can do the trick. 

Shampooing – Tiny particles such as pollen, dust and other germ containing particles my hide in seat and carpet upholstery. That’s why it is important to shampoo your vehicles interior from time to time. Not only will it kill germs, it will give the inside of your car a pleasant odor. 

Disinfectant – Some germs are quite hardy, making it important to take your cleaning a step further. That’s where disinfectants come in handy. For dashboards and door panels, you can use a disinfectant wipe. You can also use a specialized formula designed to disinfect car surfaces.

Replace Cabin Filters & Have A/C Cleaned – Remember that your cars air quality plays a major role in how you feel while driving. If your AC and cabin filters are clogged with gunk, the circulation of air in your car will most likely carry some pollutants, whether they are pollen spores or germs. Therefore, it is essential to have your cabin filters replaced according to Subaru’s recommendations. Also, have your AC vents cleaned out to ensure it’s working as designed. 

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