Reasons to Make Sure Your Vehicle's Suspension is Aligned

A vehicle's suspension is the system which links the body of the vehicle with the wheels, and regulates energy transfer between the two. Tires, springs, struts and shocks are all considered part of the vehicle's suspension system, because they help keep the car safely together and well-functioning against the impact of the road. Potholes, curbs and other objects can cause a vehicle's suspension to go out of alignment, but is important to fix such problems and have the suspension properly aligned in order to maximize fuel efficiency, tire life and safety of the vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

If the suspension system is misaligned, especially the tires, fuel efficiency can drop by as much as 10%; for many drivers, this means that their vehicle's poorly aligned suspension is costing them hundreds of dollars in extra gas every year.

Tire Life

When a vehicle's tires contact the road at a sub-optimal angle, it not only reduces the fuel efficiency, it also causes uneven wear and tear to the tire, necessitating an earlier replacement than if the suspension were aligned as it should be. In especially bad cases, the tire breaks apart catastrophically, possibly ruining your schedule because of the unplanned-for wait to receive roadside assistance.


Unfortunately, the consequences of a misaligned suspension can be so severe as to threaten the safety of those in the car. Defects in the suspension which may seem minor, such as a worn ball joint, can cause steering to be difficult and imprecise; sometimes in a vehicle, the driver will only have a split-second to make the safe decision, and in those cases, the difference between good steering with properly aligned suspension, or bad steering because of a misaligned suspension, can determine whether or not an accident happens.

Making sure your vehicle has properly aligned suspension saves money long-term because fuel and parts such as tires last longer, and it also guarantees your vehicle is as safe as possible. Our expert Subaru service department is the best place to get your Subaru vehicle suspension fixed. Please call us today, or just go ahead and bring your Subaru in! 

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