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Spring Car Cleaning Tips

The sun starting to shine more, the birds are coming back and the blossoms on the trees are starting to show! Spring is in the air. As we get ready to put the winter blues behind us you may notice that your car is in need of some TLC.  

Winter can do a number on your car, especially the winter we had! This is a good time of year to power wash the under-body of…
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Why Follow A Maintenance Schedule

It's commonly found that a vehicle purchase is the second to third largest purchase a person will make in their lifetime, which begs the question, "How well do you take care of this valuable purchase?" Some people tend to feel overburdened with the thought of sticking to a 'scheduled list' of maintenance items, while others feel that this 'list' is unnecessary and just a way for dealers and manufactures to increase their annual revenue. What is the truth?
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The All New 2014 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid

The 2014 Subaru XV Crosstrek Hybrid is the lowest-emissions, most fuel efficient All-Wheel Drive hybrid crossover in America, giving you the capability to see the world with the mindful nature to keep it beautiful. This right-sized crossover features sleek styling, exceptional ground clearance, raised roof rails, and road-gripping Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive while delivering 31 combined MPG. So you can go as far as you want and tread lightly doing it. 
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Importance of Regular Tire Rotations & Yearly Alignments

While tires are the foundation of your vehicle they are often times overlooked. Statistics show that each month, 3 out of 4 drivers wash their cars while only 1 out of 7 correctly check their tire pressure. Motorists rank checking tire pressure as the 2nd most important regular vehicle safety action, but more than 3x as many drivers believe regular oil changes are most important to the safe operation of their vehicles. 71% of drivers do not check their tire pressure in their spare tire. Only 15% of drivers properly check their tire inflation pressure.
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Travel With Everything You Need

Have you ever thought you were ready to take that holiday trip only to find you couldn't get everything inside the car and still fit the family?

Our roof top carriers take the worry out of Holiday travels. You can quickly and easily add 13 to 16 cubic feet of cargo space to your vehicle with peace of mind that all your baggage will be kept safe and dry. 

Subaru offers 4 types of. . . 
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Subaru Share The Love Event

Founded years ago on the understanding that Subaru owners have always given back to the community, the Subaru "Share the Love" event is back, and the holiday season is the perfect time to share with those in need of support. To date, Subaru has donated $25 million through the Subaru "Share the Love" event and will donate an additional $10 million more this year!

The event runs from November 21, 2013 - January 2, 2014.  Click to learn more. . . 
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Tips for Winterizing Your Vehicle

Antifreeze protects your engine from both freezing in cold weather and overheating on hot days. It also cuts back on corrosion that can form around the vehicle's battery. It's important to keep equal parts antifreeze and water in your radiator. A ratio of 50:50 is recommended which will keep fluids from freezing when temperatures get as low as 34 degrees Fahrenheit. Fortunately. . .
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Vehicle Alignment Service Tips

Service Tip of the Month - September

If you were to remove your hands from the steering wheel of your vehicle for longer then 5 seconds would your vehicle stay straight or instantly curve off the road? If it curves then you know your vehicle is leaning towards being out of alignment. Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of your car's wheels so that they are perpendicular to the road and positioned parallel to each other. Why is wheel alignment important? 
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