Subaru Concord is proud to adopt classrooms at A.T. Allen Elementary School to make a difference in 150 students' lives.

Smiling child with paintbrush in classroom

This year, Subaru and its retailers are supporting 114,000 students nationwide.

Students in many schools across the country, often lack the supplies and resources needed to succeed in the classroom. Subaru Concord wants to help. We are joining Subaru retailers nationwide in partnering with to provide teachers with the funding and resources necessary to support their students as they learn and grow in the classroom. Subaru Concord is proud to do our part to help schools and students in our community by adopting classrooms in our hometown through Subaru Loves Learning.

A.T. Allen Elementary School

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Our goal is to Invest in each student through positive and healthy relationships each day to cultivate game changers in and outside of THE NEST at AT Allen. We love and appreciate the support and investment in our students and teachers though community partnerships! Thank you so much!