It's no secret that winter can be tough on your car. Cold, snow, and wind can cause your car not to start in the morning or leave you trying to figure out how to open a frozen door or lock. Once you get in the car and get it started, road conditions, such as snow or black ice, can add to your problems. While winter can be hard on your car, a few simple steps can ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly in the cold.

Check Your Battery

Winter is hard on your battery in a couple of ways. Freezing temperatures reduce the performance of your battery, and it takes more power to start your car in extreme cold. To ensure your vehicle starts throughout the winter, have your electrical system tested with a special focus on your battery. If your battery has died during warm weather or won't hold a charge, replacing it will help to ensure your vehicle starts.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full

On the coldest days and nights, it's vital to keep your gas tank full. Gasoline has a much lower freezing temperature than water. When your gas tank is low, condensation can form, which can freeze inside the gas tank or fuel lines, blocking fuel from reaching the engine and preventing it from starting. Keeping your gas tank at least half full during the coldest months can eliminate condensation and keep your fuel lines free of moisture or ice.

Fill Up on Antifreeze

Have your antifreeze checked before the winter. Antifreeze acts as a coolant but also lowers the freezing point of the water inside your vehicle, which is especially important in the winter. Antifreeze is mixed with water, typically in a 50/50 ratio. However, in the winter, you might need a mix of 60% antifreeze and 40% water and even a 70/30 mix in the coldest regions of the country.

Use WD-40 On Your Locks and Door jambs

It can be challenging just getting into your car on the coldest days. Water can seep into the crevices and freeze the locks and the jambs. WD-40 is a water-displacing oil that can easily solve this issue. Frozen locks and door jambs are a common winter problem but can be eliminated with a few sprays of WD-40 or a similar product to your door jambs and locks.

Keep Your Car Running Smooth This Winter

Winter can be tough on your vehicle and is one of the worst times to have car issues. Before the cold sets in and you become stranded, use our online service scheduler to schedule a winter maintenance appointment today with our team of experts at Subaru.

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