Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment? Find Out Here

Owning a car involves taking care of it so that it keeps running and remains safe. Keeping your wheels aligned not only ensures that you drive in a straight line and have a smooth ride but also lowers your repair costs, helps your tires last longer and perform better, and keeps your vehicle safe for the road. Having your wheels aligned is one of the responsibilities of car ownership, and there are signs that your car needs an alignment sooner.

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Can Water Damage Your Car's Alternator?

The alternator is one of the thousands of components necessary to keep your car running. Unfortunately, like many components, your alternator can fail due to various factors. While age is the most common cause of an alternator failing, fluid leaks, broken belts, defective wiring, and water can affect its performance.

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Understanding Car Heating and Cooling Problems

The heating and cooling systems in your car are connected, but they are two different systems that function separately. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep both systems in good working order and avoid developing major issues in the future. Proper maintenance can be the difference between a pleasant and comfortable ride or a stress-filled, unpleasant journey.

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Synthetic Oil: Everything You Need to Know

Motor oil is a critical element of keeping your engine running. Motor oil is responsible for various tasks necessary for your engine to run correctly. For example, your engine oil needs to remain stable and pump easily at low and high temperatures and keep internal engine components clean from harmful deposits and even affects your gas mileage. Still, with all the things we count on our oil for, many people are unaware that there are several types available and that all engine oils are not the same.


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Why Isn’t My Car Starting?

We often underestimate how vital something is until it stops working and it's needed. This is especially true of your car, which you and your family depend on for numerous daily activities. Whether it's getting to work on time, picking up the kids from school, going to get groceries, or keeping an appointment across town, when your car refuses to start, it can ruin your day. A few of the most common reasons your car may not start are listed below.

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An Insider's Look at Subaru Safety Features

Subaru has a well-earned reputation for manufacturing some of the safest vehicles on the road. In recent years, they have gone far beyond the expected safety features such as airbags and ABS braking systems. For instance, Subaru engineers created a cutting-edge safety system known as EyeSight Driver Assist Technology by combining their years of experience with advanced technology.

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