Why You Should Keep Up with Your Oil Change

If you own a car, you have likely heard the sage advice that you should have your oil changed periodically, every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. If you aren’t sure what the best timeline for your vehicle’s oil change is, you can find it in your owner’s manual. The information on when you should have it done may then lead you to ask, “Why should you keep up with your oil change?”.


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Prepping Your Subaru for Summer

Summer is nearly here and now is the ideal time to prepare your Subaru for summer’s heat. Summer heat can cause extra stress on your Subaru, from forcing your air conditioning to work extra hard, to expanding the air, and thus wear, on your tires. Here are some helpful tips to get your Subaru ready to handle all summer has to offer from fun to sun.

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The Importance of Tire Rotation

At Subaru, we know the benefits of rotating your tires. Rotation is simply moving the tires periodically to encourage even tread wear. Regularly scheduled tire rotation helps to ensure the longevity of your tires, as well as increasing your safety on the road and keeping your vehicle’s ride smooth and comfortable. Tire rotations are inexpensive. 

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Why Changing Your Cabin Air Filter Is Important

At Subaru, we know the importance of changing your cabin air filter and because we want you always get the best performance from your vehicle, we’d like you to know the reasons as well. While you probably know that your engine has an air filter, you may not realize your cabin air filter is part of your vehicle’s HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system. And yes, it performs like the air filter that is part of your home’s HVAC system, keeping a stream of clean air flowing through your vehicle.

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Subaru Concord's Response to COVID-19

A Message for our Subaru Concord Family:


With the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation developing quickly, we believe it’s important to be transparent about how our team at Subaru Concord is responding to the outbreak.


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Subaru's Warning and Indicator Lights

With 20 years of experience in the Subaru automotive care, we delight in keeping our customers safe and aware of the outstanding features Subaru's vehicles have to offer. 


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The Multi-Tasking Feature of Subaru's Eyesight Technology

An advanced system utilizes color cameras in the rearview mirror to find problems you'd never…

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The Importance of Changing Automotive Brakes

A vehicle is only as good as its brake system. Brakes are vital to automobiles. All vehicles need a sound brake system to function well and to ensure vehicle safety…

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Does Your Car Need the Coolant Flushed?

Your car is a valuable asset that is worth maintaining. A well-maintained car will serve you well for years. Most of us know that the oil should be changed regularly, and tires should be rotated often. However, flushing or changing the coolant might slip our minds.

What is Coolant?

Like the oil that lubricates the engine, coolant's (also called anti-freeze) main purpose is the keep the engine cool by eliminating excess heat through the…

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