Keeping Your Car Running Through a Hard Winter

It's no secret that winter can be tough on your car. Cold, snow, and wind can cause your car not to start in the morning or leave you trying to figure out how to open a frozen door or lock. Once you get in the car and get it started, road conditions, such as snow or black ice, can add to your problems. While winter can be hard on your car, a few simple steps can ensure that your vehicle runs smoothly in the cold.

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Early Signs of Transmission Failure

Your transmission is vital to making your car move. Responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels, your transmission experiences more wear than any other component. Like many other components of your car, when something goes wrong with your transmission, your vehicle can stop in its tracks.


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Does Your Vehicle Need a Wheel Alignment? Find Out Here

Owning a car involves taking care of it so that it keeps running and remains safe. Keeping your wheels aligned not only ensures that you drive in a straight line and have a smooth ride but also lowers your repair costs, helps your tires last longer and perform better, and keeps your vehicle safe for the road. Having your wheels aligned is one of the responsibilities of car ownership, and there are signs that your car needs an alignment sooner.

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