Although the Carolinas usually receive little to no snowfall in most winters, residents and visitors still need to prepare for inclement weather. Cold temperatures combined with increased rainfall, ice, and wind can present a challenge for even the safest and most experienced drivers. Add the mountains and densely wooded areas of the more picturesque rural areas of the Carolinas, and you have a recipe for some potentially hazardous driving conditions.

Fall is the perfect time to start preparing yourself and your vehicle for the winter months ahead. Taking a little time to prepare now may be what prevents you from getting into an accident or breaking down later.

Before You Hit the Road

When it comes to winter driving, a few extra precautions can help you avoid a potential disaster. So here are a couple of things to remember before you get behind the wheel this winter.

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Watching the weather before you take a winter trip is crucial. An unexpected storm can lead to a disaster on the road. So, pay attention to the weather reports, and if rough weather is expected for the day you plan to travel, consider postponing until the weather clears.

Pack a Winter Emergency Kit

A winter emergency kit is indispensable for a long road trip but can also be a lifesaver on a short drive. You'll be glad you packed a few extra supplies if something goes wrong. When you pack your kit, consider including the following:

  •  Warm clothes and blankets
  • Jumper cables
  • A small shovel and snowmelt or sand in case you get stuck
  • Warm, dry boots
  • Water
  • Basic first-aid kit
  • Phone charger
  • Flashlight

Make Sure Your Vehicle Is Winter Ready

One of the most important steps to ensure you are ready for winter driving in the Carolinas is to make sure your car is road-ready. Now is the perfect time to schedule a visit with the experts at Subaru. Our expert technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle to ensure that you are ready for whatever the winter throws at you. Use our online service scheduler to make an appointment today.

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