Owning a car involves taking care of it so that it keeps running and remains safe. Keeping your wheels aligned not only ensures that you drive in a straight line and have a smooth ride but also lowers your repair costs, helps your tires last longer and perform better, and keeps your vehicle safe for the road. Having your wheels aligned is one of the responsibilities of car ownership, and there are signs that your car needs an alignment sooner.

The Steering Wheel Doesn't Stay Straight

When you drive your vehicle, it should stay centered if you let go of the steering wheel. If the road is graded for drainage purposes, your car may drift slightly, but if your car pulls sharply to the left or right, it signifies that your vehicle needs an alignment.

Your Tires Begin to Wear Abnormally

You may see abnormal wear patterns if your vehicle is not aligned correctly. For example, your tires may show more wear on one side than the other. Having your wheels aligned will ensure you get the most miles from your tires and enable you to replace them all simultaneously. Additionally, a wheel alignment and even tire wear will ensure the smoothest ride possible.

Your Steering Wheel Vibrates

It's normal to feel bumps in the road when you hold the steering wheel, but the wheel shouldn't vibrate or pull. However, when your alignment is off, not only will your car likely pull to one side, but your steering wheel may vibrate. The vibrations may only be noticeable at certain speeds, but they will worsen without an alignment.

Expert Wheel Alignment From Subaru

Your wheels can get out of alignment from driving on a bumpy road, hitting a pothole, or simply an accumulation of miles. Wheels that are out of alignment can make it difficult to hold onto the steering wheel and compromise the safety of your car. If your steering wheel doesn't stay straight, pulls to one side, or you notice uneven tire wear, it may be time for an alignment.

At Subaru, our team of expert technicians utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to provide you with the most accurate alignment available. If you have been noticing signs that your wheels need an alignment, contact us today and schedule a time to have your wheels aligned, or use our online service scheduler.

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